Working on paper

Since moving to a different house about a year ago, we have yet to figure out a studio for me to work in.  I didn't realize how hard it would be to be productive without a dedicated, uncluttered space.  I have found a good compromise - a folding table in front of the living room window, overlooking the sea, where I can work on watercolours.  Small and tidy.  I pulled out my watercolour kit a month ago to create some sketches of Hornby Island, and now I'm hoping that I've created some viable works on paper.  These will be heading out to galleries in Victoria, Winnipeg and Toronto this week.  A few will be in Powell River too.  I hope that you enjoy them.  These somewhat figurative pieces I see as friends to hang on your wall.  They are named after nice  things that friends say:  "You look great in that!" and "I miss you when you're gone", things like that.


"Call Me" & "I Think You Should Go For It"  watercolour on paper, 18" x 12".