THAT CRACKLE - A Whitehorse, Yukon Art Event

I've just completed a brand new series of paintings in preparation for a show that will open at Rah Rah Gallery in Whitehorse.  Come by on  Thursday, September 19 from 4-7 pm to chat and enjoy great drinks, goodies and proper coffee.  The paintings are inspired by a feeling I describe as "that crackle" - and I hope that the paintings will evoke the crackle within you, however you think of a crackle.

I think of a story by an art school teacher that told of the pork rind ghost that haunted his property, near the picnic table.  You could only hear the faint crackle.  I think of the warm eery light preceding a summer storm, or the pop of complimentary colours forced side-by-side.  The crackle of fire and the nearness of fall.