Picture yourself in a northern coastal forest.  The curve of a mountain and the sparkle of water are visible through the woods.  As you watch, the scene before you begins to shift.  The trees trade places with the landscape beyond, forming dimensional slivers, views of simultaneous realities.  Histories and futures are briefly revealed.  A darting shadow seen from the corner of your eye brings to mind the feeling of being watched.  Are you the darting shadow in the dream of another?

I thought about giants as I created these paintings.  The first giant I thought of was the enigma of the forest – the “woodsman”, “stick man”, or “sasquatch” (which is derived from a Salish word for “wild man of the woods”).  I went on to think of the giants all around us – the trees, oceans and mountains.  There are the giants of our imaginations – the memories, secrets, ideas and fears.  I went on to consider scale and the relative nature of size, the idea that anything can be a giant to something smaller.  A tiny star, visible as a pinhole among millions in a sea of black, dwarfs the sun, our giant.  A stone, cut open, reveals its unbelievable story.  A little giant held in your hand.